I have three awesome, crazy kids that keep me on my toes. I have a weakness for frappuccinos. I love our family dance parties because I can't dance or sing and my kids don't judge. My favorite color is teal. I love to bake and if we are really being honest, I make chocolate chip cookies just to eat the dough.


I am a natural light photographer. I love shooting during the last hours of the day when the lighting falls perfectly. Colors are rich, shadows lay just right and the sunlight glows softly in the background. I love photographing in my clients' homes equally as much, capturing families just as they are, in their everyday.

My favorite images are more than just how the subject looks. While I think a photograph with everyone smiling at the camera holds its own importance (and will always be one of the first shots taken at a session with me), a photograph of a child spinning in their daddy's arms, laughing from within their belly, will always win me over. It's these images that are the true story of your life at this very moment, the ones that you will always hold onto as a glimpse into your past.

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