Family photography sessions are available around the Triangle area at an outdoor location or in your home and last for up to 1.5 hours.


Lifestyle family photography sessions document your every life at home. These sessions can take place in any rooms in your home that you choose (including your yard). Plan out the bigger activities you want photographed or go with the flow and decide during your session what to do next; lifestyle sessions tell your family's story. Photographs in lifestyle galleries are less posed and filled with candid moments and interactions. Imagine pjs and pancakes, little faces peeking out of blanket forts, or reading stories on the couch. Photographs of your kids in their element - drawing in their special notebook, lining up toy cars or playing make believe. 


Outdoor sessions are a happy combination of candid shots and "posed" images. I'll capture you snuggled up on a blanket with smiles and all eyes on the camera, but I'll also capture you snuggled up on that blanket laughing at each other's jokes and smiling at shared, sweet words. I'll photograph smiles, but also the adorable crinkled noses, grins showing newly lost teeth, giant laughs and serious faces. While you spin your child around I'll capture that too. And the way they fit perfectly wrapped in your arms even though they are growing up so quickly right in front of you.

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