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Siblings at Fresh 48 sessions make my heart happy. Witnessing such a strong love for their new baby sister or brother is the sweetest and I know how much the photographs will be cherished as they grow. I know not everyone loves the hospital stay after birth, but I always remember it as a bit magical (obviously I’m choosing to block out the not so magical parts of those first two days). The food really wasn’t too bad, especially because I didn’t have to cook. The silence from the happy crazy at home and hanging out with my husband was really awesome. Endless snuggles with our newest baby (need I say more?).  And maybe the most magical: our children meeting their new sibling for the first time. All in that hospital room. Little faces full of curiosity, those big smiles as they said “hello”. So much love. I will never forget.

I was so happy that big sister was able to be a part of this Fresh 48 session. She barely left her little sister’s side and just kept smiling and snuggling her. That baby girl is lucky to have a big sister that is already looking out for her.

Sister and newborn in hospital during Fresh 48 SessionSister snuggling newborn babyNewborn swaddled in hospital during Raleigh Fresh 48 SessionFamily snuggling newborn in Raleigh hospitalFamily and newborn in Raleigh hospital

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