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I’ve been feeling a bit sentimental lately. This month marked a year and a half since we moved here to North Carolina. I love it here – our house, the area and all of the memories we are making. We are settled and plan to stay, but this has had me thinking about our past moves and about the importance of taking photographs in your house before moving.

For anyone who has moved I think we can all agree that it can be exciting, but it can also be a lot of work and stressful. Sometimes it is hard to stop and soak up the lasts when you’re trying to work on your giant to-do list and pack. The last time marking a height on the wall (the one with the penciled marks, the names and dates reminding you just how fast those little ones grow), the last batch of cookies you bake in the kitchen together, and the last time your family runs around in the backyard.

It’s no secret that I love lifestyle photography sessions and these sessions are such a perfect way to capture all of those lasts before your move.

Since our oldest was born we have moved twice and have made many wonderful memories in three houses. While I remember so much from each house, some things have been forgotten. Each house triggered memories daily for me – every time I walked by the front window in our first house where my daughter would stand on her little stool waiting for her daddy to pull up on the driveway after work, or as I stood in our second house’s kitchen where we did so. many. crafts., and baking, and eating. That little yellow kitchen served us well. When we moved, the walls, the rooms and the windows weren’t there to keep reminding me. I rely much more on photographs now to remember the little everyday things from each house.

2016-05-20_0009Toddler drinking chocolate milk

Our moves were filled with chaos and I remember standing in our first house for the last time. The boxes were finally all in the truck and the cleaning was finally done. By then, we were over it and just ready to go. That home was where we experienced parenthood for the first time; we brought two of our kids home from the hospital there. It was transformed into a sea of overflowing laundry baskets filled with miniature clothes and floors covered in toys. Lots of toys. It was filled with baby laughs and sometimes tears (let’s be honest it wasn’t only our babies that cried in those beginning months). There had been first steps and first words.

And still, we had been so caught up in the move that we were about to step out the door without saying good-bye. We stopped. We breathed. We reminded each other of some of the big things that happened in that house and we took it all in. But. We almost forgot. We almost forgot to look around one last time to remember everything that made our house a home.

I know that the last thing that comes to mind when moving is scheduling a photography session. The packing, the cleaning and the house showings are enough of a balancing act. But those memories. How fun would it be to capture your family in your home one last time? Before the boxes and before the changes. Photographs to remind you when the house no longer can. Capturing the end of a chapter before the next amazing one begins.

Sisters playing reading and coloring

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